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The Temple of Isis - Correllian Iseum is a Chartered Temple of the Correllian Nativist Church

We are dedicated to all things Ancient Egyptian and in particular the Goddess Isis

Temple Head is Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe AP. CCE. who is a member of the Correllian Council of Elders
Temple Herald is Rev. Equinox Silvermoon.

Contact Lady Anna:  anna@houseofneteru.com

We have a membership of all nationalities that are interested in the Goddess Isis and Ancient Egypt



Come to me.

Come to me, for my speech hath in it the power to protect, and it possesseth life. I am Isis the goddess, and I am the lady of words of power.


Isis, the goddess and great enchantress at the head of the gods.

Heaven was satisfied with the words of the goddess Isis.


The great lady, the God-mother, giver of life.

The divine one, the only one, the greatest of the gods and goddesses, the queen of all gods, the female Ra, the female Horus, the eye of Ra Lady of the New Year, maker of the sunrise, Lady of heaven, the light-giver of heaven.


Queen of the earth, most mighty one, lady of warmth and fire, the God-mother.

The lady of life, lady of green crops, lady of bread,  lady of abundance, lady of joy and gladness, lady of love, the maker of kings, the beautiful goddess, the lady of words of power. Wife of the lord of the abyss. 


Let the blood of Isis, and the magical spirits of Isis and the words of power of Isis, be mighty to protect and keep safely this great god.

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Translated by E. A. Wallis Budge

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