Temple Dedication Ritual

Temple of Isis Dedication Ritual 6 May 2008


 The ceremony of “Opening the Mouth” was used to “consecrate” a temple to the deity (neter). Timing of the ritual was very important. It was traditionally held on the night of the new moon and would take place over a seven day period.  Tonight, the night of the new moon, we will hold an abbreviated version of this ritual to rededicate this Temple to Isis.

 The altar is decorated with many votive candles of white and green. There are amulets of Isis and a hand mirror, a symbol of Isis. There is an ankh – a traditional Egyptian symbol; and in pride of place is a small statue of the Goddess. The Egyptians believed that the neter were present within the statues, and this ceremony will invite Isis into the temple and the statues within. A length of white cord has been stretched around all four sides of the temple, delineating a rectangle that is the sacred enclosure. Incense is burning within the temple and on the altar

 This ritual will not follow the traditional Wiccan format, and is based on the ritual used by the Ancient Egyptians. The offering that will be given to Isis in this ritual is extremely important for it serves to bring the Goddess’s presence within the temple and forms a bridge between the physical temple and the spiritual realms.

 Repeat the invocations after me (no need to type)

 “Lady Isis is venerated in the names of her temple; The sacred enclosure is a place of happiness for all who enter. It is like the horizon of Ra for the cord was stretched by Seshat and Rekhes, and the Creator Gods who have marked the four sides of Her temple.”

*sprinkles spring water around the four sides starting in the northeast*

“The waters of life encircle the Temple”
*presents an offering of perfumes and incense to the Lady Isis*

“Lady Isis, consort of Osiris,
Mother of Horus,
Lady of love and healing,
receive this offering given in love.

Let it be a sign of the connection between this Temple of the Correllian Tradition and your glorious presence, a sign of our dedication to you, a symbol
of our gift of this Temple to you.”

*sprinkles sand around the four sides of the sacred enclosure*

“Lady Isis, who resides in the Great Mansion,
take to yourself the eye of Heru, you have rescued it,
you have sprinkled with sand your eye”

*offers chalice of wine*

 “the great seat of Ra is built to perfection,
The great seat of Isis stands here,

The temple is Nobel with the sacred wall on all four sides which we, your children, have fashioned, and the Creator Gods have created”
 “you are pure, you are pure, the Temple of Isis”

 *walks round the temple sprinkling spring water”

“You are pure, you are pure,
Your purifications are the purifications of Heru,
The purifications of Heru are your purifications.”

*walks another circuit”

“You are pure, you are pure,
Your  purifications are the purifications of Sutekh
The purifications of Sutekh are your purifications.”

 *walks a third circuit*

 “You are pure, you are pure,
Your purifications are the purifications of Dejhuty
The purifications of Dejhuty are your purifications.”

*walks a fourth circuit”

 “You are pure, you are pure,
Your purifications are the purifications of Geb
The purifications of Geb are your purifications.”

 *walks around again sprinkling natron*

 “You are pure, you are pure, Temple of Isis.”


“Homage to Lady Isis, Lady of Heaven,

Great Mother,
Who is established on the Great Seat!
We stand before you in awe, we embrace the earth to you as to Neb-er-tcher.

 We are pure, we are pure, we are pure”

  *Presents incense to the Lady Isis*

 “Offerings of incense to the Great Magician, Wadjet,
The Lady of the Great House who dwells in the chamber of flame,
Who is praised with life before her father.
The purifications are the purifications of the crown,
Which illuminates the sky.

Your purification,
Heru, your incense,
Djehuty, your purification,
O Neteru, your purification,
O Neteretu.

Every Neteru and Neteretu make propitiation before you,
Their hands are filled with those things loved by you.
May your face be fair to us on this day!”

“Ra is in celebration,
The heart exults in joy,
For your heart is soft and sweet, oh goddess.
Isis, Queen of the World, and your son Horus,
He is king upon the throne of his father,
Governing both poles
The seat of Geb is in your possession,
The function of Atum Ra  is in your hand,
The strength of Mentu is in your grasp
The divinity who produces the beginning,
And fills the sky and earth with your perfection

 This crown who bright in gold appears,
August is your sign,
Lives in the house divine
Sovereign of the gods of the sky,
Queen of the gods of the earth,
Falcon also of the gods of the Duat

The Mistress of Bright Glory,
On the Throne is your command,
It is the one your heart desires
Who is chosen to ascend the Throne.
Without violence they ascend the palace,
One call one desire to see
The honour of the country and everything whole,
It is by your order that the temple is blessed
With the return of your brother,
Your name is pronounced and the world is loyal to you

  At this point notice that the statue on the altar has come alive,
that it contains the presence of the Lady Isis, that the Lady is here
within the Temple.

We will close the ritual with a hymn to Isis.

“Our praise to the Lady Isis, our Lady of heaven;
The Golden One,
The breath of life; adoration to you the Great Mother,
Mistress of the Duat.

 The sky is serene.
Sopdet lives.
She shines, a peaceful flame.
We are the children of Sopdet, children of light.
As Earth is a child of the Cosmos.
We are pure.
She is pure,
As are all the gods whoever lived since the beginning of time.
In the worlds above and in the worlds below,
They have been born as imperishable stars,
Living within the meshetiu, which shall never die.’


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