Wiccan Priesthood Degree program


Three Degrees of Correllian Wicca


1st Degree


  • Correllian Wicca 101 course:

    Correllian Wicca course consists of 13 lessons. The first lesson is the introductory lesson followed by 12 lessons. Each lesson has a test at the end, which you are required to pass, with the minimum pass mark of 80%, before you can progress to the next lesson.

The following courses are also required if you wish to become a member of the 1st Degree Clergy, pass mark required is 80%:

  • Five Mystic Secrets course

  • Correllian Philosophy course

  • Correllian Ministry course

The following is also required for application for Clergy:

  • Clergy Test

  • Two Essays on a Wiccan/Witchcraft theme

2nd Degree


  • Correllian Wicca 201 course

Correllian Course consists of 13 lessons and tests. A final test which consists of a project 40 question essay test and final defense. You are required to have also completed the following courses through online or real-time study before you can apply for Clergy status:

  • Ritual in Theory and Practice.

  • Second Degree Spells.

  • Regalia

  • Comparative Religions
  • Final Project and Project Defense

3rd Degree



  • Correllian Third Degree

Correllian course consists 13 lessons and tests. You will also have to complete three projects. If you have attained 2nd Degree Clergy status once you have complete the 3rd Degree requirements you will be able to apply for the High Priesthood.



  • Third Degree Exercises

  • Three Projects:

  1. One Introspective 'Life Map' and self-healing analysis before acceptance.

  2. One original class (research a subject unknown already to you and teach it as a live class)

  3. One open public event (provide an open to the public event in the name of the Correllian Tradition)


Temple of Isis -  Correllian Iseum Priesthood



Before you can apply for Iseum Priesthood you must have obtained at least the 1st Degree of Wiccan Priesthood.  Wicca is the foundation of the Correllian Iseum Priesthood and you will need to know the basics of witchcraft which is incorporated in Correllian Iseum Egyptian Wicca.

Priesthood of the Correllian Iseum are the Temple Sanctuary members. Basic members are Outer Court.

All courses both for the three degrees of wicca and Isis Priesthood can be found in the Iseum Academy



  Requirements for Temple of Isis Priesthood  (Sanctuary Members)

  • At least the attainment of 1st Degree Correllian Clergy

  • Completion  with a pass of the Goddess Isis course

  • Completion with a pass grade of the Temple of Isis Priesthood Course


  Membership of the Temple Outer Court requires the

  • completion and passing of the Goddess Isis course

  • completion and passing of the Temple of Isis Priesthood course


Goddess Isis course

The Goddess Isis Course is a two lessons two tests course


Temple of Isis Priesthood Entry course

This course is a nine lessons and nine tests with a final test, course = one lesson a month.



Other Egyptian themed courses available

All Temple of Isis - Correllian Iseum
courses can be found on the
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Basic Membership fee for the Temple of Isis is £20

Registration as First Priesthood of Isis: £30

Registration as Second Priesthood of Isis: £60

Registration as High Priesthood of Isis: £90

1st Degree Wicca Clergy status application processing fee: £30
2nd Degree Wicca Clergy status application processing fee: £60
3rd Degree Wicca Clergy  status application processing fee: £90

Alternatively all courses avalable as email lessons and tests please email Lady Anna for more information