Rites and Rituals

Holy Isis,

     You of the Myriad of Names,

     Today I stand before You to declare my new name.

     You have filled me with such joy and richness,

     That my old name is outworn.

I declare to You, that I, who came to You as (old name) is now (new name),

     Your servant.

     Teach me (new name) in Your ways.

     Let me gain knowledge of all Your half names.



     Great Isis!

Healing Spell from the Ebers Papyrus

      May Isis heal me, as She healed Her son Horus.  Of all the pains which His brother Set brought upon to Him.
When he slew his father Osiris, oh Isis!  Great Enchantress heal me, save me from all evil things of the darkness.

From the epidemic, from the evil disease and infections of all sorts that spring upon me, as You saved and freed Your son, Horus.

For I have passed through the fire, and have come out of the water; May I never light upon that day when I shall say "I am of no account pitiable."

O Ra, who has spoken for Your body, O Osiris, who prays for Your manifestation, Ra speaks for the body, Osiris prays for the manifestation.

Free me of all possible evil, all hurtful things of the darkness, from the epidemic and deadly fevers of all kinds.


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