Names of Isis

Some of the thousands of names Isis is known by

The Divine One,

Aat, in Heliopolis,

Ament, in Thebes,

Ant, in Dendera,

Beautiful goddess,

Benefactress of the Tuat,

Child of Nut,

Creatrix of the Nile flood."

Crown of Ra-Heru,

daughter of Neb-er-tcher,

daughter of Seb,

Eye of Ra,

Female Horu,

Female Ra

Giver of life,

God-mother of Heru-ka-nekht,



God-Mother, in Coptos,

Great lady,

Great Lady of Magic

Greatest of the gods and goddesses,

Green goddess (Uatchet),

 Heqet, in Hibiu,

Hert, in Letopolis; "Hent," i.e., "Queen," in every name;

Hetet, in Behutet,

Hurt, in Nekhen,

Isis in Per Pakht,

Isis in P-she-Hert;

Isis of Ta-at-nehepet;

Isis, dweller in Netru;

Isis, lady of Hebet;

Isis, lady of Khebt;


lady of Abaton,

lady of abundance,

lady of Besitet;

lady of bread, lady of beer,

lady of green crops,

lady of heaven,

lady of joy and gladness,

Lady of life,

lady of love,

 lady of Philae,

 lady of Re-a-nefer;

lady of Sekhet;

lady of the countries of the south," etc.

lady of the Great House,

Lady ofthe Green Crops

lady of the House of fire,

 lady of the New Year,

lady of the North Wind,

lady of the shuttle,

lady of the solid earth,

lady of warmth and fire,

Lady of words of power,

Light-giver of heaven,

Maker of kings,

maker of the sunrise,

Menhet, in Heliopolis,

Menkhet, in Memphis,

Mersekhen, in Herakleopolis,

Mistress of the House of Life

Moon Shining Over the Sea

Most mighty one,

Mother of the Gods

Mother of the Horus of gold,

Neb-tept, in Arsinoe,

Queen of all gods,

Queen of Heavem

Queen of Mesen;

Queen of the earth,

Queen of the South and North,

Renpet, in Crocodilopolis,

renpet, In Memphis,

Sept, in Abydos,

Sept, opener of the year,

Sesheta, in Hermopolis,

She who gives birth t heaven and earth

She who is greatly feared in the Tuat,

She who knows the orphan

She who knows How to Make Right

She who knows the widow spider

She who seeks justice for the poor peple

She who seeks shelter for the weak people

Shetat, in Bubastis.

Star of the Sea

That, or Tchetut, in Aphroditopolis,

Th Brilliant One in the Sky

The One who is all

The only one,

Thenenet, in Hermonthis,

Uatchit, in Hipponus,

Usert, in Thebes,

Use of the Heart


Wife of Ra,

Wife of the lord of the abyss,

Wife of the lord of the Inundation.

Some of the thousan

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