Building an Astral Temple


 This ritual will depart from established tradition but will, I hope, be very powerful as I was guided by Isis herself as I wrote it.

 Isis was a Goddess of the Ancient Egyptians, holding a prime position in their pantheon of deities. However, Isis has been revered through the ages to modern times and is not limited to that ancient culture. Several respected Wiccan writers have described meeting Isis in modern dress, and have commented on her enormous sense of humour.

 Whether you wish to form a relationship with Isis in the setting of Ancient Egypt, or whether something more modern appeals, this ritual tonight will help guide you on that path.

 As this is about individuals, we will set up our sacred circle as individuals and not as a group.

 Concentrate on your chakra chain, the line of rainbow coloured energy centres running up the spine. Check that each centre is properly open and is spinning with bright energy. Visualise the energy of the Mother Goddess, rising up from the ground into your root chakra and entering from the moon and starts above via the crown chakra. Where these two sources of energy meet, in your heart chakra, visualise a ball of white light forming. Send this energy out down your sending arm , circling back and in through your receiving arm. visualise this circulating energy until it is clear and strong. Now expand that circle outwards until it surrounds you and your sacred space. Finally, using the Correllian crystal web, tap into the energy in the Isis Mother Temple, draw on the power of Isis herself.

 By the power of Ra - so mote it be!

 Visualise yourself in Ancient Egypt, standing before the pylon gates that mark the entrance to the temple complex. Inside is a hub of activity. Traders ply their wares, law courts are in session, priest-doctors offer their services; oracles and auguries abound. Deep within the complex is the temple of Isis standing tall above the other buildings. Make your way towards the temple and open the door. This is the portal to our own Correllian Temple of Isis, but it also serves as a portal to your own astral Isis temple.

 Step inside. Is the building ancient or modern? Is it light or dark? How is it illuminated? Are there windows? What does the altar look like? Is there a statue of Isis and is she in ancient or modern dress? Is the air fragranced with incense or other perfumes? Are other deities worshipped here, other mother Goddesses? Walk around and explore this place which is your won, very special place of worship. Remember that it takes time to build an astral temple, so visit here again as often as you like, developing the temple and strengthening its energy imprint in the astral realms. Most importantly, remember to speak with Isis, to ask her advice for this is her temple too.

 Move towards the focal point of your temple and light a candle. If there is an image of Isis, turn towards it. Raise your arms in the Goddess position and ask Isis to grace you with her presence. Become aware of an increase in energy, a power that makes the air tingle, until the Lady Isis stands before you. Speak with her now, ask her advice. Does she have a personal message for you? Listen and observe carefully – it can be easy to miss subtle signs. Spend some moments here now.

 It is customary to offer gifts of wine, incense and perfume to Isis and the other Egyptian deities as thanks. Such gifts may exist in the physical realm, or solely in the astral, for it is the intent of the gift that is most important.

 Lady, we ask that you accept our offerings made to you in true love and gratitude and we thank you for your presence and guidance this night

 Blessed be!

 Our time this evening is drawing to a close, but you may return here any time. Slowly return to normal consciousness as you begin to draw the circle of energy back into your chakra chain. Release excess energy through your root and crown chakras back to source.

Our circles stand open , our connection endures. We stand united by the love of the Lady

 Blessed be!
©by Rev. Mehitabel

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